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Happy New Year's!!!!

And for new years...I slept

El Paso kind of sucked. It's a lot like if God just dumped the contents of a vaccuum into the middle of BFE. And we lost the game.

I never cease to amaze myself. My stupidity, my audacity, my sheer lack of caring - gee whiz. A whole range of emotions that I am always surprised when they surface.

I gained a bunch of weight in El Paso. Fuck you, good food! I just need to get it back down. I know, my slighty neurotic side poking through. It's more like I have a lot I want to say on the subject but I don't really want to type it all out.

I'm a lazy bastard and have a lot to say in general but I don't want to type it all out. So I hope everyone is safe and warm and it is snowing like a bitch here. How cool is that?
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