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Wow, so much has happened. I am at college, and I am loving it. I love everything about it.

I have a group of 5 kick-ass really good friends here that we always hang out together and everything. Logan and her roomie Naima live three doors down from me and then there are Roger, Ryan, and Cody. We all live in the same hall and we are usually in L &N's room. It is kinda wierd because Cody and Naima are kind of together and Ryan and Logan are kind of together, so I feel kind of wierd around Roger. Don't get me wrong, I REALLY like this guy. He plays tenor drums in marching band. He is an awesomely funny guy, and I totally want to hook up with him. I hope he feels the same way.

Marching band is sucking and awesome at the same time. Todd, the director, apparently has to constantly have someone to bitch at, so he always bitches at me, mostly for illegitamite things that are minor details and 90% of the time I don't do anything wrong anyway. He is an ass and should eat shit and die.

Chance is trying to get back into my life. Him and I were talking for a few days online and he is telling me all this bs about how I was the best thing that ever happened to him and then he threw it all away and he wants me back and how much he loves me and blah and then I called him and asked him if he really meant everything that he said, and he was all, " I don't know. I haven't decided." What an ass. He is such a gemini. I can't stand him and I totally wanted him back when he first started saying all this shit, and now that I haven't talked to him...and then there is always Roger. I love spending time with him...

I love college. It is so much fun. My roomie is kind of a hassle, though. I walked in on her doing a line. I was so furious. I am trying to be all good about it and everything, but she just got a job as a stripper, because she says that I was uncomfortable with the fact that she sold coke, so she switched over. I totally don't feel bad for her or anything because she is the poor little rich girl and she is just spending it on drugs, anyway.

Talking to sean a lot over email. I think he got the same eyebrow piercing as me. what a copy cat!

Susie came to visit me. The little time that we spent together was really great. We went to go watch a drag show with professional queens. It was sooo freakin' rad!

everything else is way fun. I am glad that I have classes that are going pretty well and that I have a group of friends that I can hang out with and just be myself around and not have to worry about anything. We are pretty tight. Here are some things that we have said or overheard as of late...

"I wish I had some whipped cream to shave with." Roger

"Wouldn't it be cool if people were made out of tissue?" Logan making fun of Roger.

"I cannot wait to pleasure you further," a dude trying to get with me. He failed horribly.

"How come everyone gets action and all I get is an armpit?" (Roger sticks his armpit in my face apparently for affection)

"Wow, that's scary. Squared. On, like, 85 different levels." Logan

"Schitzaphrenahernia," Cody

"We have a bulemic couch. SOmetimes it eats you and you can't get up and sometimes it pukes you up," Logan and Naima

"Dance for me duck! I OWN you!" Seamus, the lead tenor drum player, to our U O mascot

Naima: "Throw away the fork."
Roger: "The way of the fork?"
Naima:"No, throw it away."
Roger: "Oh, I thought we were going on a really cool quest."

"The best thing about poptarts are you don't have to refrigerate them. Oh, wait! Maybe not! Because I have a HUGE FUCKING FRIDGE taking up my entire room!" Roger

"Did it ever occur to you that I have an ear located there?" after getting a burp right in the ear

"I SO should memorize how to type." Yet again, Roger

"No one is too poor they have to go to hell," Cody, after a dude dressed up as a nun for halloween and charged a doller to be "saved"

And, last but certainly not least, these are the nicknames that we use on people in our hall...

Silver Boogers (he has his septum pierced)
Schwang (Cody's roomie's actual last name)
Booger Jon
Perchy (this guy that sits in his window on the fourth floor)
Generic Ryan - enough said
Hot Karl (you all know what that is? When someone craps on your face. He is icky)
Iron Fist (actually the same guy as above, but...go figure)
Crackwhore and Crackwhore in training (my roomie and my neighbor)
Neo-Ryan (a dude that looks like Keanu Reeves)
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