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Merry Christmas, Everyone!

I'm FINALLY home and I have had such a good christmas so far. It's been really good just to spend time with my family, and I went last minute christmas shopping at the mall yesterday and saw so many people I knew. And and and something exciting is going on and I can't say anything till I know the other half. But, rest assured, my dear ones, it's nothing but "yay!"...maybe... :-)

And and and, for christmas, I got the Canon Rebel 2000, my dream camera. It's soooo much fun. Yay for friends and family and a bitchen new toy!

Chance called me yesterday and left a cute message on my answering machine.

And I am going to a wedding the day that I get back into U-gene. What do I wear? Andy invited me to a reception (without the nups, they went to hawaii for that) and I really don't know what to wear. any suggestions, ladies?

Andrea: tomorrow evening is yours!
Suz: let's hang out during the day tomorrow!
Doris: Do you remember that one song that we wrote together in HS? Can I borrow that for production? Merci Beaucoup!

Love you all and have a safe and happy and merry christmas!
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