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Bored at home and stole this f/ Michelle

10 years ago I was...
1): 9
2): Lived in Coos Bay
3): really overweight
4): was obsessed with dinosaurs
5): living on Hemlock St.

5 years ago I was...
1): dating Tim
2): loving band
3): swing dancing every friday
4): becoming a vegetarian
5): beginning to teach at the karate school

2 years ago I was...
1): A senior in high school
2): getting crazy piercings
3): (had) purple hair
4): dating Chance
5): testing for my second degree black belt

1 year ago I was...
1): hating Todd with a fiery passion
2): dealing with a roommate who was a stripper and cocaine user
3): discovering DDR
4): hanging out with andy
5): switching my major every two weeks

Today I am...
1): An anthropology major
2): a "coffee girl"
3): content with most of my life
4): dealing with an eating disorder
5): a collector of dresses

Tomorrow I will...
1): do my laundry
2): hang out with andy
3): wake up and be the happiest person ever
4): decide how and when to get home
5): wonder why I am given such a wonderful life
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