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So, I am totally annoyed with my mom. She isn't being a bitch, she is just bitchy. Does that make any sense at all??? Oh,well. She is just telling everyone to do stuff and it is pissing everyone off...

Got all misty-eyed as I took all the pictures down from my closet door this morning. It was way sad, realizing for the hundredth time that I won't be living in the same town as my best friends. What the hell am I supposed to do without Doris or Sarah? Or when I want to hang out, I can't call Jeanne or Jessica...or Sean or Chance. Who am I gonna confide in? You know the saying, there are always more fish in the sea? I don't want to find new fish, I kind of like the ones that I have right now. I don't want to find people to replace Sarah, Doris, Jeanee, Jessica, Susie, Jen, Andrea (well, they will be at U of O with me),Kelli, Paul, Blake, Mark, Heather, Tomo, Justin, Sean, Chance, or any of my other friends who have hung out with this summer. And then of course, my little inner voice (or am I just going nucking futs?) shouts back at me, "you moron! This will be the best year of your life! Shut the hell up and start packing!!!!" Well, aside from the newfound freedom, the great atmosphere, rad parties, tons of new friends, and exciting classes, what if I don't like Eugene? God, I am such a freakin' crackhead. Good lord. I am dumb. I am just torn between my life here and the new life that awaits me there. And all of my other friends have said it, "If nothing else, Amelia, think of the hot guys you will meet while you are there." Which seems to settle the argument. Tons of guys just waiting! But, then again, not with this god-aweful hair cut. Tee hee. I am such a dork.

I got my movie back. I am such a nerd that I actually went out and rented Harry Potter when I couldn't handle not being able to watch it any more. Daniel Radcliffe, if you ever read this, you are the cutest little wizard I have ever seen (right behind the guy who plays Oliver Wood, of course) and I am addicted to your movie like a bad drug. So, here I am, your biggest fan...tee hee. Sorry, Suz, if you ever happen to read this...

One week until I go to Montana. I am kind of apprehensive about that, too. There's no reason I shouldn't be - I am going with three guys that I truly hardly know and they are all friends and then there is me. I don't even know why I am going, except to get out of Coos Bay for a little bit. Hey, what the hell, Montana can't be worse than Coos bay. Except the heat. Whatver. More later. Peace.
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