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Gadzooks, Batman! I leave in four hours to go to Eugene...*sigh* I spent the evening yesterday with Sean and his family....

First, we went out to dinner at Benetti's, which is a pretty nice italian restaurant in town. I was freakin' out all day what to wear. Which is pretty dumb because I have known these guys for a long time, and they never dress up just for food anyway. So, even though I went through the trouble of helping my red skirt to dry, (thank you Suz), I decided on jeans. which is what Linda wore, anyway. So it doesn't matter.

Anyway, after that, sean and I went to go play video games while killing time to go bowling. Which was way fun. Although I got my ass kicked hardcore 4 out of 5 times. Only once did I get a higher score...after that, we went to the movie store to get a movie.

Kelli, Ghost World sucked. I know you like it and think it is the raddest movie, but it majorly sucked. Steve Buscemi is funny and everything, but it was way too slow and Enid kept pissing Sean off. She was a bitch!

After that, and way past my curfew, Sean walked me home. He carried the present that they all got for me - a blanket with matching pillow in fuzzy pink and purple. "It was just too YOU to pass up when I saw it!" Linda explained. Anyway, we walked to my house, and he walked all the way up my stairs again, but I didn't kiss him. That would have been too wierd. But, I *did* give him a hug, and I told him to have a nice life and stuff and to keep in touch. I gave him my addy and number for college, but I don't think I told him that i wouldn't have it until the 25th. Ouch. Oh,well.

*sigh*...I am gonna miss him so much. I have had such a blast just hanging out with him and talking and it has been so much easier than I thought it would be. I mean, it hasn't been weird at all. We actually talked and laughed and nothing was wierd. I could totally be myself, and him himself. Even when we were bowling and I was getting my ass kicked hardcore, we were still laughing and I could be my stupid little self. It was awesome. It totally wasn't like that when we were an item. I think I like it better this way.

I called Justin and Paul to say goodbye and tell Justin that I still have his book. Him and I talked a little bit, and then he asked if I wanted to talk to Paul, and i said I didn't care, so I think that he took that as a no. Oh, well. I am way over him.

I leave in three hours to go to the bus station. I am kinda nervous, happy, excited, sad, everything. Grr! It is raining hard here. Hopefully it isn't raining there. I am so happy that I decided to do OMB. It was a huge decision just a few days ago, but I can't see it being a big decision now. Now, I just don't see it any other way. It is just the way it is gonna be. Which is good. I am glad that i didn't miss out on it because of Sean and Jessica and Kelli...Oh, well...
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