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Crazy happenings and developments have led to the decline in the amount of my updates.

Went to Corvallis Friday night with andy for one of his shows. I guess both him and AJ want me to start coming to practice with my trumpet, see what I can do. Kinda scary, I don't really know if I am up to it. I am afraid that I would fuck it up. I am just in marching band, nothing special!

And then on saturday we watched Baraka. I suggest you all run out right now (without having finished this update), and rent it, steal it, buy it, do something to get your hands on it and watch it NOW. It is an amazingly fucking beautiful movie and I almost cried when I watched. I NEVER cry at movies.

And the best thing ever happened last night. It's the beginning of finals week, right? And we had a huge ass line 15 minutes before we close. We usually close down the espresso about that time: it's economically sound to shut it down before we close. Of course, everyone and their mom wants espresso so they can study. which isn't my fault. So this guy comes in right as we shut down the grills and my boss announces that we aren't going to have any more hot sandwiches. He freaks out and I told him in an irritated voice: "well, if you would have come in 10 minutes earlier, you would have gotten your own hot sandwich." So he throws a plastic knife at me, calls me a fucking ho and then it gets good. I come out from behind the counter and got right in his face and was like, "get the fuck out of this establishment." he was being all irate and wouldn't leave even when I grabbed his arm and started yelling at him, so I just told him to stop being a bitch and to leave and then finally when I thought he was about to punch me, (while all the rest of the kids I work with were just staring) Andrew walks in from stocking food and pushes the guy out the door saying, "leave. now." both andrew and this guy are twice my size, so that was convenient.

And then everyone behind the counter kept talking about it. I was over it...but it was cool that they were all reliving it. :-) this other guy that was in the line when it happened came up and was all, "I'm not trying to pick up on you, but you seem like a really cool girl and I was just wondering if you wanted to grab a smoothie or something sometime." gah. this guy is scaring me. and, if I were him, I would be scared of me for almost kicking that guy's ass. I tried to politly decline, but it didn't work. so I told him to come around 12 tonight when I am to go on break. Why why why am I so effing nice?
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