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wow. let me tell you how awesome oil wrestling was. Never mind. Maybe I won't.

It was a lot of fun. we actually had a captive audience - graham and I had nate, nick, andrew, meghan and angie watching.

It all started out as a joke that I was gonna ky jelly wrestle graham (who looks like elijah wood all know my celebrity lookalike peole are all kinda off though), a guy who lives with andrew and nate (whom I work with) and he works over @ hammy's (ew ew ew). So it evolved into a real thing and it was awesome. I have lots of bruises though. Ouch. It was worth it and it will soon become a weekly event. All thanks to me. haha. oil wrestling...well, between the extra virgin olive oil that we used and the salt we used to keep from slipping on the tarp (double ouch! that stuff stings!) I have wonderfully silky smooth skin. I could open my own beauty salon for oil/salt wrestling.

Hmm...other than that, things are okay. still stressing about classes, but I am loving my life. I am not a bad person so much as I was stressing about that but it seems to have resolved itself. Maybe. haha.

I have 14 of those albums from the top 500. But I am a lazy bastard and won't post them all. Most of them were Pink Flyd, Eminem, Elton John, Nirvana, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Jeanne: what are you switching your major to?
Andrea: I love you girl and don't get down. You can always call me!
Quart-knee: I hope your mommy is doing better and I am glad that you are going back there you will be happy, but we will miss you terribly! Love you lots!
Neema: glad you aren't dead and I love you too.
Jenn: don't die!
Suz: thanks for the new LJ icon! it's nifty!
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