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Oh man. I love my nifty new icon. (except that zac is only half way in there)

Not as much as I like chalk one. So for suz, I will change it back in a few days...

I went tofurkey shopping yesterday. That's right. I am cooking thanksgiving for my folks and I am stoked about it.

Why is it that some people just always have to be right? Honestly, there is this girl in my pathways seminar that I just wish would disappear without my intervention. Because my presentation (which, by the way, my partner completely bailed on) was just a little bit controversial (it was about president's bad moves in office and the lack of consideration for non-white people) she flipped out. Gah. I want her to go poof and disappear so I don't have to deal with her any more.

Got my fishy back. I am happy.
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