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It snowed yesterday. And then we went to marching band. But we really didn't march because it was too slick. so we just kind of played and then went home. which was awesome.

no more pirate party. For a multitude of reasons.

Loving my life and everyone in it.

DUDE! And I am sooo drama free, in Heidi's words. I love it. I feel 80 pounds lighter from my resolutions. It's awesome. I feel great. I like friends a lot better. And I think I am done with boys for a while. A long while.

Whenever I go to a show, I always realize how much I miss it and how much I want to get back into the scene. And then I think of high school and all the good times there. But only the good times. Cuz bad times suck.

And then i think about things like our goal junior year (I think) where we bought bologna and threw it on everything for a band trip, or hanging out with sean in the middle of the hall in portland till the wee hours of the morn or doris and our little book and Mr. Monroe, going shopping with jeanne and then suz and kelli and when we went to go see my dad's movie here in good ole U-gen and just everything good about everything and band and skipping fifth period and coming and seeing Mr. A and crazy hair colors and singing disney at the top of our lungs on band trips (it always reverts back to band, I swear...) And jellybeans and hanson and I love you all sooooo much!
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