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Oh man. ULCA was pretty damn cool. Well, we won the game, which was good. But disneyland was the best.

About 80 of us all crammed onto the POTC ride at DL and we all sung our parts at the tops of our lungs and most of my section (okay, just jeremy, who still insists that I show him my boobs as paying my dues) were drunk and had bought swords and eye patches and it was the best thing ever.

Except that my life was already complete when I went to the hanson concert. Not many things can compare to that evening. It was spendicular.

Gah. Just hanging out with Beth and Chris and Daniel and running around the park being loony was the best thing and I totally needed that because of being so damn stressed lately!

But had a good conversation with Scott which explains a lot of things and I wonder what's up with those two anyway. Mormon. And a taurus.

Is it bad that the room is spinning and I haven't had anything to drink in about two months?

Gah. I have a paper to write and gah and not good. But I kinda like the swooshy feeling.
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