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I suddenly am bummed. Don't know why.

I love my life. But I have definately come to a crossroads in my life. I just...I think it's the realization that I am growing up. Seriously. I know, it's me. I just might be one of the most immature people around. I still say "your mom" and it's really funny. Every time I say it. At least to myself.

No, really. Somewhere between now and forever is the ever changing me. And yes, I did just come up with that. It's original.

I'm just contemplative listening to good music and wishing I had more talent.

Yay for the sun peeking out behind the clouds and being alive and beautiful flowers and awesome friends and a fish that hasn't died and a full ride and a bike that works and the best marching band around for many many miles and LA this weekend and a pirate party (I just got my costume) and just a lot of wholesome amelia goodness.
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