amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

To Quote Jennifer who quoted me...

"It's funny how things work out."

This morning, I was thinking, "Darnit gosh, wouldn't it be weird if I ran into Liz today? Because I think she goes here but the boys don't. And what the hell would we talk about?"

(Liz being Grayson's other roommate's (not stupid tenors player X who doesn't really deserve a name) special friend, even though he has a gf. The four of us plus her rommate hung out last week.)

Lo and behold, I just ran into her on my way to the computer lab on campus. And we talked about band and I asked her what she is doing tonight. I really like her and I would love to hang out with her more, even without the others. She is so chill. The first time we talked was some random time before a game when we were talking about piercings. That was before I knew who Scott was.

Anyway, why am I so intuitive? Seriously.

Oh, and thanks for the good vibes from everyone. While I don't think it really is mono, it's still a similar virus and I am getting over it and I hope I am still not contageous for a multitude of reasons. Love you all!
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