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Here's comiserating with Andrea. You all know how I have been really sick lately? Yeah, so I went to the dr and they took blood and yesterday I went back to get the results. It went something like this.

DR: "you have mono."
Me: "I've already had mono."
DR: "Oh. Well...basically, it's the same virus."


that's why I feel like ass and have lost ten pounds. Which I wish that I could keep off. But he told me that, aside from the drugs he already gave me, all I can do is ride it out. The thing is, I can't miss either band or work, the two things that bring me down physically the most. Grr...

I hate my position and wish it would resolve itself. Cuz I don't think I can go through with it. I don't want to. Stupid me. I hate myself sometimes.

My grandma is dying. Don't really know how to feel about that.

tired. I fought tooth and nail with my boss last night for seven freaking hours. It was the lamest thing ever. I mean, he is just a big bitch. Kind of like tenors player X (he's a bitch as well). But I found out boss man has OCD. Which kind of explains things.

Oh oh oh! I had the best idea for my pirates party that you all should come to! I want to dress up like kazaa! (Pirated music. tee hee). I really wouldn't do that. But it's funny. And I am a nerd.

Can't wait to get the fucking hell out of dodge for a few days. And maybe, if I am extremely lucky, I will get to see Jeanne. It's on friday that I have free time. Love you all!
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