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I should be working on a paper. Why the F will it not write itself? Gah!

Awesome awesome game yesterday. It was great. Except that todd is a really big tool.

I love it how some people think others are lying even when you tell the honest to god truth.

Contemplating life and the meaning of it. I hate the way I think. But I love being me, you know? I mean, grr...

What's a genetically engineered girl to do? Okay, that was from star trek, and I am a big nerd, but I feel a lot like how the girl was portrayed to feel in that episode of DS9. I just...I love my life so much and I hate it that I hurt other people. Sometimes I just open my big mouth. Like last night. It isn't a big deal, and not everyone always has to like me, but it just seems from the start, tenors player X and I haven't gotten along. He is kind of a bitch. And said some stuff that he shouldn't of. Again, no big deal, but in the scheme of me trying to be a better person and everything, it hurts.

I am so grateful I decided to do OMB this year. Last year I was sooo Todd's tool, and this year, I totally own that guy. I love the band (okay, about 99% of the people. I hate Willamette with a passion. Bastard). I love them and they are awesome and I realized the other day (this is a sarah quote, but it's true for me too) that I probably have an anecdote from over half of the people in band. I am so lucky to be a part of that program.

I've been hanging out with someone else lately, as well. It kind of has to do with Tenors player X (they live together). It's good and awesome juju and I am glad I know this person. It makes me happy to be able to hang out with that crowd. Funny how things work out.
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