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Marriage is dumb...

I highly believe that after my Evolution of Human sexuality class.

Those of you who know me really well know that I am always up for a monogamous relationship and that they are usually long term.

But, they are dumb. Monogamy is a bluff to support children. Which means that marriage is just to support offspring. I just wonder why one has to be married. what about a long term partner? I am not saying everyone and their mom should go out and do eachother, I just think it is dumb. Friends are the best thing in the world. The ones that are there through thick and thin. Not arranged marriages which center around practicality. I think that arranged marriages, which are just for money and convienence, are a disaster to the psychi.

Don't you come before everyone else? And what if the person you are betrothed to doesn't make you happy? Doesn't help you when you are down? And your friends do? Devoting yourself to someone would be a better alliance if you were able to connect with that person. Therefor, I think marriage is dumb.

I know, that, coming from me? Does that make any sense, though? I mean, honestly. Marriage and sex and monogamy have only evolved because of a better chance of survival for the primate offspring. And I think that it is dumb. But that is the way it is and it is dumb.

Monogamy is the result of a game of cat and mouse and who will rear the offspring. The genes of a person is selfish and has to make sure that survival of your offsprings survive.

Fucking selfish bastards.
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