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I hate food right now. The fact that nothing looks appealing. I had an awesome salad for lunch, and I ended up eating about half of it. But I had a good long talk with beth, my love, so it was okay.

I am just freaking retarded right now. I hate me. I hate the way I think. I hate the way I look. I hate the way I hurt everyone. My neighbors are having mad passionate sex and it's loud.

Sorry to be a drag guys. :-(

I have been emailing sean lately. and he, surprisingly, has been emailing me back. I miss him, but he is partying sooooo much and just being kind of dumb. Boo on that. I wish he would come see me.

I hate me right now.

but I love you suz and you should feel better and I can't wait to see jeanne and I miss all the other people too like jess and doris and andrea and I love you all.
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