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Wow. there sure was a shitload of drama at work last night. Our stupid boss had three people on break at one time, the register fucked up, and then when andrew wasn't doing something the boss made him clock out an hour early (which he didn't do, but it works). I was glad to be in my bed an hour later.

Hm...everything else is swell. I can't believe it's almost half way through the term already. Where did it go? Honestly, I can't believe it. And marching band is already half way over. Hot damn. I can't believe how much better this year has been. Just returning was a big thing. And then the dynamics of even the section has changed, for the better in my opinion. We have ten less people this year than last year. And I have gotten to know so many new people and I just feel so much more part of the band and more friends than anything. It's freaking awesome. I love the OMB right now.

Not much else is new. It's a beautiful day and what am I doing? Updating my LJ. I am that cool.

Listening to Pink Floyd and it makes me happy. I love Pink Floyd. I remember when I was in middle school and something would go wrong and i would put them on. I was raised on this kind of thing. :-)

I think I want to take beautiful pictures of the leaves falling and squirrels and people passing and the time of year and cementing it in my brain.

Yay for no rain, pink floyd, wonderful boyfriends, Pirates of the Carribean, getting help when you know you need it, friends, band, and life.
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