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Things are swell. I got my computer back to a normal font, thanks to some anon. reoly to my post. (speaking of anon., when I was a freshman in HS, we read a poem that was written by anon. Then my interest piqued. "Who's Anon?" I asked. haha.).

I had a long convo with Andrea yesterday, and it was really good. It made me realize stuff that I didn't think about before. And that was good.

We are having a pre-halloween party, seeing as how on friday, or halloween evening, we will be spending the evening on Evergreen HS's field for half time. For PR. because we are that fucking cool. Or not. So everyone who is reading this is invited. Prolly thursday. And dress up. I was thinking Lydia from Beetlejuice? Just a thought. Naima had a program and it got started way late but I stayed for a few movies and one of them was Beetlejuice. It was way good and I love Michael Keaton.

Anyway...FOB this weekend. Boo on that. And I still love the movie Chicago
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