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is my computer making everything and it's mom in a huge ass font that makes it look to the normal computer user as if I have glaucoma and need humonguously-out-of-control-huge-fuxking-fonts??? Seriously, I think I did something wrong and my computer hates me. Maybe it's the huge-ass-font virus.

...anyway! Hmm...things are okay. I feel waaay overloaded. And stressed. And i hate that feeling. I've been running on empty for the past few days and I am not getting to sleep any earlier tonight. I hate that feeling. I've had so much caffeine that I am way fucking bloated.

Which is why I am in counselling. My emotions (stress...). It's working so far. I kind of feel that my problems pale in comparison with others. And then I have to rack my brain for something that makes me sound fucked up. Which makes me even more fucked up. I mean, I have done counseling before. How much can I hash over the fact that I have two mommies and a crazy father and an eating problem? Seriously. That alone makes me mad. And I want to see my chart. Maybe it would confirm my issues. God. I sound like such a fucking moron.

Sorry guys. Really. I know what it is like to just listen to depressed people when they have nothing good to say. There is a girl in band that does just that. It's sad. Soo...happy track...

still running on the happy track...ummm...I made a kick ass purse out of a pair of Calvin Klein cord pants that I found at salvation army. And I love it. And I love it more. And I love jessica. She needs an LJ. :-(
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