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It looks like everyone and their mom had a good time at erin's sat. night. Sorry I didn't go, but I ate out at chile's and my friend Jessica from coos bay came up, so I had a good time. And friday night I met a bunch of really great people and had a drink spilled on me when I didn't drink anything at the party.

So we went to go see KISS, Aerosmith, and Saliva. I have a new appreciation for KISS, they are waaaaay good in concert. And Salive was good but short and Aerosmith was good but at the end of the bill so I was way cold out in the elements. And we were a good 100 yards away (yeah. A whole football field). But I think it was worth it. KISS was fucking awesome.

Hmm...not much else. I have my second counseling apointment today. Hopefully I can fix myself.
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