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Paul still hasn't responded yet. I don't expet him to. Justin Elza emailed me again.

Hung out with Sean last night. On a whim I decided NOT to ride my bike to karate, and then I saw Linda, his mom, drive by me. She hasn't seen me in a while, so she told m to hop in, and we talked while she drove me to karate (celena was there). Just as we were talking, in walks Sean. When he was getting ready to leave, he asked me what I was doing that night, which was weird. I told him nothing, so I went over to his house after I watched sissy Schyler (I will talk about her in a moment) test for her next belt. Anyway, I went over there, and then we went out to see a movie, which he would NOT let me pay for! It was fun, I thought it would be weird at first, but it wasn't at all. He got his own car, so that was cool. We talked pretty easily, which was good, and that was the main reason that I haven't hung out with him at all by ourselves: I thought it would be too uncomfortable. Anyway, we went out to Little Richard's after that, and saw Mr. Allen (whom I had had lunch with already), Randy Thompson, and Jen Northup (she is going to U of O with me). Well, he wouldn't let me pay for anything there, either, which was way nice. Then, we went back to his house, where his sister wanted icecream, so we trekked all over town trying to find the kind that she wanted. then, we watched a movie in his room. That was good, he was really nice, but it wan't (that) awkward. At first, being alone in his room with a movie was strange, and the fact that we were under the same blanket was a little weird, but there was no weirdness between us, which I am soooo thankful for. I seriously don't want him to think that I still like him, because I don't (the one thing that happened good about going out with Chance), and it is the coolest thing in the world that we can just hang out and not be all weird. Yea!

Anyway, "sissy schyler" is this little four year old girl who I helped remember everything at a tourney that we recently went to, and she just latched on to me. She hadn't started karate until after I quit, but her and I instantly became friends, and her parents couldn't thank me enough for helping her overcome her nervousness and frustration at the tourney, and they love me, I guess. She is an only child. So we call e
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