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On the happier track. I have apointments once a week. And that makes me happy. Knowing that there is something out there that can help me and that I am not alone (I know that I'm not, cuz I have all of you wonderful people).

My initial reaction when i decided to update was to whine and complain. But damnit, I don't want to complain. I have a loving and understanding and perfect boyfriend, a full ride to my first choice of college, wonderful parents, awesome friends, and a perfect job. What is there to complain about? A few really pissy and asshat-ish OMB vets that don't like me? Fuckers. They can suck it.

I love my life. Just keeping in consciousness that I don't NEED to complain to feel loved. That makes me happy. And I am one step closer to getting rid of the cloud that has slowly made it's way into my life. Damnit cloud, I will get rid of you!

I bought doris (or princessdarlingdoris) an LJ so that she could keep in touch. I don't know how they will activate it. I wrote them a check. Do they activate it after payment? And did you know that LJ is based in some podunk town in Oregon?

OMG. So, a certain ex who shall remain nameless starts telling me about this girl that he is obsessed over and wants to make sure that he was good in the sack. WOW. What an asshat. And then he's like, "well, she told me many times that she is willing to bear my children" and "she's been telling me forever that we were soulmates." and that he's so freaking obsessing over her. Wow. at least the obsession is mutual. Yeah, and I know this girl. Not the BITCH, but a girl that has been obsessed with him forever and that she went to a FUCKING PSYCHO WARD BECAUSE OF HER SELF DESTRUCTIVE ISSUES. They will be a perfect match. An insane but nice girl and an asshole of a gemini. Hmm...
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