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First day of classes yesterday. Not bad or anything. EXCEPT

At last minute, I signed up for a beginner's voice class, right? Right. So there are a handful of people there, and the teacher isn't there. Ten minutes later, I had to go ask another teacher to get him. He comes in and says, "since this is a non major course and it has happened to get cancelled, it wasn't a priority of mine to get here promptly." FUCKER! So, the class got cancelled. Because some dumb GTF didn't want to do the class. And so if I want voice lessons, I have to audition. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I haven't ever sang in public before, unless you count at church in the 8th grade. Yeah, big woop. I guess it is out of my comfort zone, so I should do it. One of those things where I should confront my fears, right?

And a girl came into work last night and asked for a turkey melt without the turkey. Honestly, there are grilled cheese for things like that!
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