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Last night my roommate Sarah had a party at our place. Which was okay, I thought she was kinda rude about the whole thing, but I knew most of the people (band people) so it was cool even though I feel like I am getting sick so I went to bed way early.

Anyway, one of the girls there, Deena, came into my room and started freaking out over a hanson poster that I have up (the one from K mart). I guess she is in love with them too and has always been a closet fan. Isn't that insane? I guess not, but I gave her one of the t shirts that I made. Haha.

And then I met the flute boy, brian, and the first thing out of his mouth, "You're the one who is always messing with Grant, right?" haha. I thought that was funny.

the game was depressing. And there were stupid Wazu girls at the party next door who were really cocking. Stupid girls.

But all in all it was good.
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