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Alright, so suskin doesn't suck as much as I thought he did.

I just got back from a party in which Suskin, Craig (a guy in my section who I thought was a total asshole, but he is a really good guy), Craig's gf Nichole, Chris Huddock (one of our section leaders. I like him, he is a good guy and he is soooo funny and just a blast to hang out with), and Carrie (Chris's gf whome I dig a lot and she is soooo pretty) and Heidi (our homestay for a while who is totally chill) and sarah and a few others were there. It was way chill and it was totally rad to hang out with people who I sure wouldn't hang out with in everyday life. So, all in all, Suskin just talks a lot of shit and, well, doesn't do much else other than be the president of the Jewish frat here at the U of O. So go him, I guess.

And I still hate OMB. I have to be up in 4 and a half hours and I accidentally ate meat (it was in the salad I didn't even think to look through that I was picking at) and now my stomach is literally in knots. I hope I don't die tomorrow!
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