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That's it. The OMB trumpet section can lick my non existant balls.

I work my ass off in the OMB this year and what do I get? Fuckers who don't do anything. I can't stand them. The vets just don't get it - if they fuck up, I, yes, that would be me, amelia, gets yelled at. I am sick of stupid Mike Suskin who can't march a fucking set and then gets pissed at everyone else when they aren't in their spot. Maybe because I have to dress set dress to you, asshole!

Or the fucking sectionals. OMG. I don't think they could get much worse. I mean, honestly, I am loving the OMB as a whole this year, obviously, because I just wrote all that other shit in the last entry. But we get nothing done. Trumpets are always the best section, or at least that's what the Chris's keep saying (we have two Chrises as section leaders just like last year). And it's just so damn frustrating to not get anything done and then get bitched at. Fuckers. :-(
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