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I can't believe that I went a week and a half without the internet!

Well, I am moved into my apt and I joined band. Again.

I went to give Sarah (my roommate) her keys on the first day of band camp and the drummajor asked her if I would return. So I did. And so far it has kicked ass, compared to last year. I still hate Todd with a passion, but Grant is helping a lot (and macking a lot, the horny bastard.) and everyone else is really awesome about it. At first, I felt like a celebrity for all the wrong reasons, everyone making a show that I was back and telling me how impressed with me they are and shit like that, and it just felt really weird. But I have been working my ass off and everyone can tell that it shows. And I have gone almost eight marching days without getting yelled at by todd (yeah, that would be all of band camp). So all in all it has been awesome and I feel better physically than I have in a long long time.

So, all in all, it's been awesome. I have a kick ass ugly tan line and a lot of new friends and awesome calf muscles and we are playing Pirates of The Caribbean. I mean, honestly, how awesome is that? And what are the chances of getting Johnny Depp to do our show as well? According to grant, 7 in 14 million. But I know two people in france right now (where he lives) so I have a better chance than most. be sitting down. Love you all and catch you on the flip side!

Oh, and because I am SUCH a big band nerd, I downloaded all of our music (which is really good, you all should download it because it is suuuuuuuch a good musical score) and I am listening to it is awesome....*sigh*
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