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another shining example...

of me being an asshat.

You know, I totally thought I had it in with them, you know? I mean, I spent so much time with John and Paul # 1, I had so much fun with them, but jessica was right. I didn't sleep with either of them, so I mean nothing. Nothing. Paul was nice to me and everything, I think a little too nice, but then he saw me with other paul, and I think he freaked out or something. doesn't friendship mean anything to him? Or am I just a vagina that, as he put it tonight, is "looking well." Fuck you paul #1

On the other hand, it was good to see amanda and kelli and sean and...well, I was with Jess already. And I tried to introduce her to John and everything, and he was just a general asshat already, like he was just pissed off to see me or exasperated or something. Sorry, john, I didn't *mean* to pay five dollars to come see you, the money just fell out of jess's hand. Oh, and I didn't know paul was gonna be there, so I didn't mean to come see him play, either. fuck you both. Sorry I had a good time hanging out with you guys last summer and I thought I would be nice and say hi. whatever.

General asshats of the world unite.

and thank you jeanne and suz and naima for cheering me up. I love you guys. and even though I don't know alyssa, you are a sweetheart, and therefor thank you and I love you too.
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