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What if...

This really is as good as it gets? I mean, have you ever seen the movie?

I move in two days. Maybe I am just going insane. I am worried about my stupid social. I kinda botched it up spring term...and now I am worried that the remaining friends that I DO have are gonna ditch me. How lame is that? I mean, I am worried about something so dumb, but I hate hanging onto things that I shouldn't. I have awesome friends, but I am worried. More like sad. I don't get to see Jessica much when I go back to school. We have hung out a lot this summer and I like her. I guess like everyone else, I put her on a pedastal, but she isn't god. Just a goddess. :-)

And Suz and Jeanne and Andrea (GOOD LUCK, BTW!) all have their own lives. I guess I do, too. I am just worried that it will suck, what with my roommate Sarah and everything. She is already pissing me off and I can't see how it is gonna work and I am scared. Damn me.

But I am excited, too. New stuff to learn, new friends to make, new songs on DDR to master...I just need to be calm and take a breath.

I want to pierce my nose. Should I? Or no?
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