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Alrighty, so, I went to that girls' thing for my church, right? The one which is held semi annually and the last time I went, I met Paul, right?

So, I went to a garage sale today and who was there but the woman who owned the $800,000 house in which we held it (her husband and her - Kathleen - have been going back and forth whether or not to get a divorce). So, I saw her at the garage sale today, and the convo pretty much ended up like this:

me: (in a mocking voice): excuse me, miss!
K: hey you, girl! You look nice today! When does school start?

***school-ness talk for about 2 minutes*****

K: That boyfriend of yours sure is a cutie!
me: yeah, I think I'll keep him...but you can borrow him if you want sometime, you know, a nice dinner and a movie type thing.
K: no, that isn't what I had in mind if I want to borrow him!

OMG!! This woman is like 50 and has twins and a husband and OMG she had the nerve to say that to me. I GO TO CHURCH WITH THIS WOMAN!!!!!
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