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The Enigma

Has it ever occured to anyone else that Schwarzenegger may just be a crock of shit? I mean, he is married to a cousin of the Kennedy's and therefor, they back him wholly and completely. And he didn't show up at the debate today perhaps simply because he may not have had anything to say. I don't think he *has* had anything to say for a while now. He hasn't voiced any opinions whatsoever. Thank you mom for not raising me in California. Then again, maybe if the population of cali knew what his thoughts were, they would know whether or not to vote for the man.

And does it occur to anyone else that the "War on terrorism" has been changed to the "War on Terror" making it sound worse than it really is? any takers?

Jess and Paul and I watched "U-571" last night. I thought it was amusing that Bon Jovi was in it. Haha. He wasn't half bad, either. But just for the simple fact that he was in a war movie did I have to laugh every time he was on screen. And Matthew McConaghy. But he had no hair. :(

Five more days till hanson! Woop woop!
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