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Happy Birthday Nelda!

Yesterday I went with my mom to one of her open houses. It wouldn't have been so bad (yes, they ARE that boring), but on the way there, we passed a cat that had been hit by a car and wasn't dead yet. And my mom wouldn't stop to get it because she was late for her open house. :-( My mom made a compromise with me that if it was still there, we would take it to Hansen's and put it down. Two hours and two clients later, someone already had taken care of it. :-(

And then I sang the Penis Song to my mom to cheer her up. I love davinci's notebook!

We are going to Eugene today. Yay us. I am helping Pablo's sister (who is a high school teacher) starting Link Crew tomorrow. You guys all remember Link Crew? haha.

I move in in exactly 14 days! Go me go me go me!
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