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Grrr. Sometimes I just hate myself. I am so mean.

But but but! You all remember Sam, that cute little boy, friend of the family that came and visited a few weeks ago? Well, we picked his sister (Amaury) up yesterday. She is sooooo smart, a total sweety. Anyway, she told nelda and nelda told me that sam went back and told everyone that I was the coolest person ever and that I am the best thing that ever happen to paul and that I am a keeper and all this awesome stuff. When she told me that, I turned soooooo red and ran out. Like I was five years old or something. I think that is the most amazing compliment EVER. haha

When we were in Eugene yesterday, we met up with roommate sarah. It is always good to see her. We exchanged some purple paint, she macked on the guy at the bagle joint, and we planned our apt. even more...yay yay yay!

I have been talking to Tim a little bit here and there. I guess Nothing Less is going on a college winter tour! YAY! Awww...and him and alyssa are getting a place together. I think he got the short end of the stick when I broke up with him.

And and and! I know the guys from alterEGO...did I already mention this in my last entry? Oh,'s all good. I just wish Ethan would email me back already! Anyone want to go stalk him?

I am so excited about life and everything and yay yay yay! living and working and loving and everything!

We slept with frankie (the dog. NOT frankie muniz or huson...ew ew ew). It was like sleeping with a newborn baby. He was sooooo needy. At three in the morning, he decided to have a coughing attack or some shit like that and he wouldn't stop and I told paul to fix it and I rolled over. It didn't work. He kept curling right up to me or paul and...grr! Je suis tres fatigue en le matin! Grr...

but I am still happy. :-)
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