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Je t'aime le chat

more more more fun yesterday.

I went to the Pottery Company yesterday with my mom after swimming and we both decided to paint over sized mugs. So, she goes and gets her coffee while I am picking out my colors (lilac, purple, and black) and then I go sit down and start and she gets her colors. The same freaking colors! (well, she got grey instead of black, but only because she messed up. She had *wanted* black) unbeknownst to eachother, we had gotten the same colors!

Sooooo...we started working on our projects, and I decided to do purple lepard print on the outside. I asked my mom what she was doing, without having started. "Oh, I think i will do zebra print." Talk about like minds. It was so cute, since I was doing lepard print, I wrote "Je t'aime le chat" on the inside, which means "I love the cat." tee hee.

And Jess, Suz, Paul and I all decided that we are having a victorian tea/croquet party at Ebon's and he will cook for us and it will be a lot of fun and I am stoked and we are going to eugene today and paul and I will get to pick out our costumes. yay yay yay!!!!!
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