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I love Lilith

I have most decidedly decided...

I love Lilith.

Lilith is the water aerobics instructor that my mom and I take classes from on tuesdays and thursdays. (Well, it hasn't been in the recent past, but now that I am not babysitting as of late...tee hee :-) ) and I love her.

She is amazing. She is not a skinnyminnie by any means. To the contrary, she is about a hundred pounds overweight and about my mom's age (okay, maybe late 30's, early 40's) and always wears the same flamboyant floral patter swimsuit to class with the cute little skirt and the same huge ass hoops earrings and amazingly beautifully done acrylic nails. Her boyfriend, who is a much more fit version of Mr. Fewer, always attends classes.

I love her. She never ever has anything bad to say about anyone. She is the sweetest person ever. Her and her boyfriend had started going to our church, and I love her. She always gives me these cute smiles and always compliments me and I love her to death. Just to tell the world, I think she is most definately the epitome of godness and stuff

and I am slightly intoxicated so I can type that kind of stuff. But I thought of all that while I was at water aerobics today. So all this is valid, I promise...
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