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Oh gosh, so many things have happened in a short amount of time. Well, I kinda sorta quit my job. Not quit sure. I mean, the Boyfriend (can't name names, as I turned them in) was playing waaaaay to rough with the kids, making the little boy cry and ripping the little girl's underwear when he gave her a wedgie, and then he sent me home, I told him to call me if he needed me the next day, he never did, so I just didn't show up anymore. Which is good, like I said, because I turned him in. And to think that i went to high school with this guy.

And other things that just shouldn't be happening are happening.

Oh, well, it will be better in the end. It's just sad, because to me, if things happen the way that it sounds like, there will be nearly nothing for me in coos bay anymore. Except my parents. Whom I love dearly (and and and! their 10 year anniversary is next month. Hot damn! Yay for long term lesbianism!) that whole speel made it sound like something will happen other than what will happen. But, I guarantee, it won't be a breakup. Sorry, that was strange. I just don't want to say everything at once because it isn't my place to.

And Suz and Jess and Paul and I went swimming (the rock bit me - sad), went to wal-mart, got pissed off at the guy from Dutch bro's (not only did he *NOT* give me whipped cream (which is the defining characteristic of whether or not they are worthy for our return in the future), he just plain fucked up my mocha. But he was new, so I suppose that I should give him some form of credit for knowing how to use the espresso machine) and then we went to the beach where we played volley ball (and I sucked) and badmitten (in which I sucked again but only less) and we watched the emt vehicles arrive when some out of town kid fell rock climbing...

which brings me to another valid point. There were six vehicles: first response, a fire truck (maybe two, I can't remember) two sherrif's cars (the second one parked over by the bathroom to take a leak - or maybe he was so gaseaus from all the doughnuts...) and two ambulences. This last part is what gets me. One of them was Bay City (in town) and the other was from Charleston, which is the closest suburb to the beach and about 5 miles from town. And they both arrived at the same time. Which shows the lack of intelligence and/or communication in our emergency medical vehicles. Maybe I *should* stay away from Coos Bay lest I get hurt and have to go the the ER and no one is there to take me until I go into cardiac arrest.

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot! I had a friend a few years ago that I wrote to a lot for a long time, and then he died in a car accident. I met his little brother at the swimming hole yesterday. He had a shirt on that said "I run in the memory of Robert and I win for Robert." And, remembering that Rob was into Cross Country, I asked him what the shirt was about. :-) It made me happy.
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