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How the fuck is it possible that I am already missing a place that I am going to be in another month for? I must be PMSing

I got my pix back of my furry defenseless aminals :-) and crater lake. They are tres belle.

Listening to sad music and I should be getting ready to go babysit this morning and going there makes me sad because I hate being there and I talked to Rev. Skye and it is just sad. The whole thing. I don't know if I am doing the right thing, it is a lot like the whole thing with Damask, which is why i am taking action now and not two months later. *sigh*

I also, on the other hand, can't wait to be living on my own in my very own purple apartment! Been talking to sarah lately and it is gonna be soooooooooo much fun times infinity. I have been augmenting my schedule, so I only have two classes on mondays and wednesdays and i will be done by twelve. And then I thought that would be the best day to just kick it. And then I realized that I asked for more shifts at work and therefor I will most likely not be able to have those full days to myself. Damn you, bitch debbie!

I made paper dolls for a couple whose second anniversary we are going to. They are really cute. I hope they like them.

I love my mommy too, naima, but I have an evil stepmother. :-( sad...
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