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Anyone from MHS will appreciate this...

Tee hee...

Okay, so Paul and I have this new found appreciation for Dutch Brothers. We go there a few times a week, and usually have the same guy.

Well, two days ago, we went through when Brad McCrae was working. This guy was totally everything I wasn't in high school. He was a major jock, not real big on the looks or anything, but a really nice guy. I usually avoided him, since all four years throughout high school I had "band nerd" branded on my forehead in neon colors.

So, we (paul and I) go through when he is working. He's all nice, does the usual, "so, what are you guys up to?" "Meh, not much, really. Hanging out. You?" The last part, which of course, is retarded because obviously, he is working. Duh. So, he gives us our drinks, takes our money, gives us our change back, and gives us a punch card with 8 punches already on it. But we didn't have a card in the first place. Okay, okay, maybe he thought it was just ours when in fact, it was someone else's that he didn't give it back to...that's cool, it's all good...

So...we go through yesterday, and he's working again. Suz is driving, I am in the passenger seat, and paul's just hanging out in the back. I ordered my drink, he says the usual "what's up" routine, and then, haha...he gives me my drink. "here you go, sweetie." WTF???? And then, he gives us the punch card, which he punched to fill it up, and in a totally suave voice, says, "next one's on the house." OMG. WTF. That was the funniest thing ever. Our usual guy I am pretty sure knows that paul and I are together, we always go there and order the same thing together each time, but this was just hilarious.
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