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Fire in the second row!

Oh, man. Tons o' fun. Hmm...California, Gold and Silver Falls, Eugene (watching chicago), Swimming in Powers, Gold Beach and lots more fun with jessica and suz.

And I just started babysitting these kids from church. I feel so bad for these kids. They are all under 11 years old and totally trailer trash. Their mom is prolly 30 ish and is living with a guy that I went to high school with. It's straight out of 8 mile. Their trailer that I am babysitting at is total trash. I am afraid to drink the water, the bathroom doesn't have a door, the ceiling is falling down, the boyfriend is creepy and I don't trust him with the older girl. I feel so bad for them. :-(

I am in love with the chicago soundtrack. and I love catherine zeta-jones. Too bad I am not gay. :-)
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