amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Day 21...again

you may now uncross those fingers, toes, and asscheeks: Final report = STILL no leukemia. Thank you all for the well wishes.

So now I'm roughly halfway through my hospital stay time. Just have the counts to come up (which they've started so yay!) and then my transplant, which in that time I will be in the hospital roughly 5 weeks.

Andy's been fabulous. We're looking for places to live while I have to stay up here post transplant (plus a caretaker, since I have to have someone looking after me 24/7). I'm excited about a new place, after the three months that I will have spent in the hospital. I lay in my bed late last night just thinking of fun things to spruce up the apartment. That I will be living in in like, a month and a half. Yay!

I did it. I shaved my head today. It took my hair long enough to get to the point that it was at, all things considered. So, even though pluckmyeyeout already started it, go to Because he's a dear and a good friend. :)

I think Andy's getting sick. So he can't come see me for a while. I realize I've been singing his praises and y'all are probably sick of hearing it, but that boy is my rock. Almost too good to be true. ♥

I recieved some lovely pressies from earthshinesheep and ipnotika. Expect fun things from me as well.
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