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All them damn senses

Sitting here waiting for jessica and missing OTR and loving the summer and waiting to play ddr and listening to my OTR stalker list and admiring my new Ansel Adams creative project and thinking, wondering, loving, hoping, wishing, dreaming, feeling, seeing and the other three senses.

Wondering about life on other planets, bugs, stars, the hang nail on my left them, the song I am listening to and wondering why Dave mathews is so damn weird, and then remembering when laura got her pic taken with him, and why the reverse on the fan works better than the regular clockwise of it, and wondering if I have to pee again.

I love ddr. and the bubble game at little caesar's. And I hate the stupid miss coos county pagent, because they were dumb, but wondering if things would be the same had I actually been accepted into their stupid little project. I bet life would be a lot different after it. I bet I wouldn't have dyed my hair. Or gotten so many piercings. Jessica probably handled it a lot better than I would have (I was just talking about it to someone else earlier today and that is why it is on my mind).

And thinking about Tommy Girl. I hate that smell now that I put some on at the store today. Wondering why asshole liked it so much. He liked it so much and I hated it so much that I told him once that if he wanted to smell it, he would have to wear it himself. And then I bought the imposter version of it for him. So I tried it on today to see if it really was all that. It isn't. It smells horrible. Still. And it doubles because of him.
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