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Pirates of Johnny Depp's sexiness

Oh, man, I just got back from seeing Pirates of The Carribean with my mommy. And Johnny depp is really hot. Jeanne, have you seen the whole thing through yet? :-)

And Harry Potter...oh, the fifth book is soooo good. I haven't finished it yet all the way. But I love it. But, I must say, the third one is still my favorite as of yet. Naima, have you read it yet? And, if you have, doesn't Prof. Trelawny, the Divinations prof, remind you of our COLT teacher? God, the two are the same person!

And now, back to my favorite men of the moment, Harry Potter (although, I always fancied Oliver Wood), Paul, and my two favorite pirates, Orlando and Johnny. Although I think the movie would have gone over a bit better if Johnny turned out to be Orlando's father. Yes, that's right, the secret is out: Jack is, in fact, NOT Will's father. Sorry, guys! Although, they DO look a lot a like. Lame lame lame. Oh, and the DDR announcer guy. He's a hottie. :-)

And...and and and, it was directed by Jerry Bruckheimer. There was not, in fact, the same plane hanger, but he still fancies the brunettes, although he has turned his fancies else men. Look at orlando and johnny...ah...they were hot...
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