amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

FAQ # 197

Doctor's appointment today. Still not being admitted. Can't be until this fucking fungus is under control. It's driving me mad, or disappointed, or something. I really want to get the HELLOCANCER under control, but can't do that without fixing the asparagus :) in my nose.

I can't help but be bummed about the situation, although doc told me "you're doing wonderful, given the circumstances." So there's not much more than wonderful that I can be doing.

Again, Andy's been amazing. He's so patient with me, wanting to be a part of everything and being my rock. I couldn't ask for a better significant other. Just simply fucking amazing.

How many times have you applied for a community and they made you pimp their comm in one or two different places? Goddamnit, that pisses me off. When I apply to new comms such as romance_drive (which could be fun, you know, if I get in or whatever), I'm often asked to "Promote the community in two places." I find this complete bullshit, as I usually hate promoting something that I don't know if I will or will not get into. I usually say something like "I hate to promote before hand, but will do so once I get accepted." This usually doesn't get much beef, but this time it did. So I did my research.

And here it is, in FAQ # 197.

It clearly states "Community maintainers are prohibited from requiring that their community's members promote for their community."

so even though I want to get into this new comm, and I think I'll have a lot of fun, I'm still fucking PISSED that there was such a big tadoo about it. Even moreso that I'm a tool and gave in and pimped it in my userinfo - which will change THE MOMENT I get accepted. I think requiring new applicants to pimp their comms is pure bullshit (although I understand that they want the word to get out).

I fucking miss my Silent Bob. COME HOOOOOOOOOME!!!!
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