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The Sock Theory

Okay, so maybe Roger WAS right. Not about nairing his neck or the star child or anything else like that. But the sock theory. I am babysitting a beautiful black lab for a couple from my church, and she left me the 5th Harry Potter book to read. And Rowling keeps mentioning socks. I am a little confused. Oh, well.

This dog is the epitome of angel. She is 12 years old and had a stroke about three years ago which left her slightly handicapped. She is so much fun, she can't walk straight and you have to help her down the front porch to pee, but when she gets going, she has this sideways gallup about her that is just amazing. And she is such a lover. I sat there for ten minutes this morning barking with her. Sooo wonderful! I love dogs.

And now I am jealous of jessica and jennifer and ali because they get to go see John Mayer in person. :-( I wanna go too :-(

My mom and I got into a big fight again. Apparently she can't trust me because sean brought over booze that one night and now I am not allowed in my own house alone. I still have a curfew and I am 19. How lame is that? At least I don't sleep there often anymore. That stupid DDR game is beginning to become more trouble than it's worth. Fucking 'rents. Okay, so I should just be all Unity-like and bless them and send them on their ways. But it's lame, you know? I love my mom sooo much, but she has to get all pissed off that sean drank in her house, nevermind the fact that I had ONE SIP and decided that I didn't like it and therefor didn't want any more. Further more, she can't bring it up when it happened, like TWO FUCKING WEEKS AGO, no, she has to bring it up when it is convienent for her. Lame lame lame. She thinks every social gathering of mine at my own flipping house is automatically going to end up a raging party. It was so dumb. I can't stand the way that my mother is kym's puppet. she is so dumb. I don't know why she doesn't grow her own back bone. She only gets pissed off at me because kym is mad and she knows that i don't listen to kym. I am nine-freaking-teen! *breath, breath, breath!!!*
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