amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Voice Post: Update from Hospital :)

153K 1:36
“hey this is amelia! Um... i'm in the hospital and I still don't have internet access because i can't leave my room, so Susie wad kind enough to get me the LiveJournal post number voicemail thingie, because obviously i'm disgustingly and insanely addicted. Um today is day two. I started my chemo today. Um...a couple days ago when i was still in eugene I had chopped off all my hair with the help of Susie again. Um, which i feel is a little premature as you don't really loose your hair for a couple more weeks. So it looks a little silly, but really who's going to see me a <I>[couldn't get this bit, lol]</i> overly exhausted and getting gross and yeah so, there's that. you all should come see me i'm in ward 5a...15a. you should all send me...well you don't really need to...of course i love having visitors
so far so good...just kickin' it in the piratey things. goodness and yeah, that's about it um... come and be a pirate and enjoy some chemo with me! YAY ok bye!”

Transcribed by: lphybrid
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