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Oh man...

Okay, so really nothing new. Just mulling shit over in my head.

I miss my eugene friends. I miss naima and erin and sarah and roger I thought I saw Will today, and that actually made me think that I missed him. WOW.

I miss laying in the grass on a sunny day listening to chas and his drums or talking with my roommmate when she is drunk or discussing harry potter with roger and his sock theory or my archaeology class. I miss DDR with everyone (but I have new DDR people here - Paolo and Suz, namely, even though we got Sean to do it once when he was drunk - haha!). I actually *MISS* OMB and crazy hellish practices and coming home in the rain and sucking at football and I saw craig from the trumpet line when we were at circuit city yesterday and he was such an asshole. He looks like beavis. How does his girlfriend put up with him? Okay, that isn't the point that I am trying to make. anyway!...

Not that I dislike it here at all - I just turned down a job at mcdonald's because I didn't want to deal with it. I don't know, I have mixed feelings about that, too. I think it's because I was on the "green week" and therefor I was all emo.

I have to pee. And that is nothing new. Can I exchange this bladder for a new one? God? Please?
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