amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Two more days. Part of me is really happy that I will have other people taking care of me, doing what is best for me...but mostly I'm just scared shitless.

My body is parched, pieces feeling like they're falling apart left and right. Warped Tour was worth it, even if I lost my voice even MORE and I'm a little sun burned. I figure that I'll have plenty of time to take care of my body starting on wednesday, might as well have a kick ass weekened (not that it was full of illegal stuff or anything else, but mostly just rockin' out).

And yes, Warped Tour was teh SHIT. Due to my own stupidity, we got there a little late, and found out that Against Me! was starting at 1215. We caught the butt end of their performance, which made me a happy woman. Throughout the day, we also saw NOFX, Anti-Flag, Bouncing Souls, Less Than Jake, The Casualties, Super Geek League (who were like a baby Guar show, it was hilarious), and some others. We kicked it with Tim Ehlin/Waters for a little bit, I met Melissa (who is adorable beyond words), and we met up with Ty and Rebecca and Freshman Sam for a little bit.

I took some awesome pix but my camera decided to die, so I'll have to update them when it actually works. boo to that.
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