amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

My life is NOTHING if not interesting...

as in, never a dull moment.

Thank you to EVERYONE for the lovely heartfelt words from my last entry. I truly appreciate everyone's continued support, and I know I will get through this. Also, thank you to my annonymous gift giver for the four leaf clover - it's lovely!

Soo...I still don't know WHEN I'm going in, but pretty much I'm going to tell the docs that I will not be arriving at Hotel D'OHSU (where I will most likely be) until monday, because sunday is WARPED TOUR!!! So, fuck that. I've been doing this long enough, what the hell is five more days? Exactly.

Today, I became the proud owner of an obscenely pink new phone. Things with boyfriend are getting serious - I got on his family plan. :) It's gorgeous.

Also, as if the events over the last few days were not enough, my computer decided to vomit on me this morning and, after restarting my computer because it was being a douch, it gave me the Blue Screen of Death. Jesus H Christ on a stick, WTF? Have absolutely NO LOVE for my computer right now. (Oh yeah, I'm on sarah's computer. Thanks, sarah!)

Am off to do more retail therapy.
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