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Picking my zits in someone else's clothes

She tries on the clothes. But hates the way she looks in them. Hates the way her fat pokes out over the low rise jeans. Hates the way those damn cute shirts look on her petit body.

So she mulls things over in those god aweful jeans. "Hmm...soooo many zits. Sooo much stress. which gives me zits."

She changes the shirt.

"Awww...cute. I like this one. Makes me look funny, but cute. I can't wait to meet boyfriend's brother when he comes next month. I can wear this shirt when I meet him and his girlfriend. Boyfriend's mom says she is a southern belle. I wonder if she is a southern belle like delta burke or dolly parton. Wow, she sure has big boobs..."

*changes out of ugly pants that are way too long and into normal pants and a different button down shirt*

"dizzam, woman, you have two other shirts just like this one! Yeah, but are either of them black? No, but you sure look like you are going to a funeral. Damn, your own funeral, I felt like I was gonna freaking die this morning. I fucking hate hangovers. Oh, and nausea. Back to the old birth control days. That damn nausea better not be any other kind of nausea, I am sooo good with the new birth control..."

*changes back into normal clothes and looks at face*

"Yeah, this ugly face is what happens when your boyfriend's friend mixes a drink for his girlfriend in a brutal attempt to get her drunk and then you drink it and you don't wash your face in fear of getting off the bed and puking. Dizzam, woman, you are such a lightweight. Fucking birthday boy and his sucky bartending skills. MY boyfriend's way better. haha."

And this was all in the stall of Ross today when I was trying on clothes.
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